Accredited Producers

A strand of BANZAT’s purpose is to accredit practitioners involved in braille production. Working with the Australian Braille Authority BANZAT administers the Trans-Tasman Certificate of Proficiency in Unified English Braille. As a further step in supporting quality braille BANZAT has developed an accreditation framework for braille producers working in New Zealand. Accreditation demonstrates the producer’s knowledge of braille production using computer translation software and their commitment to upholding the principles set by BANZAT when providing braille services to the public.

You can read the details of the accreditation framework in Policy 7 Accreditation of Braille Producers Working in New Zealand. More information on applying to become an accredited braille producer is given below.

Accredited Organisation Braille Producers

BANZAT has accredited two organisations as braille producers, namely, the Blind and Low Vision Education Network NZ (BLENNZ) and the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind (the Blind Foundation). This recognises that the production of braille is a core service of both organisations who together produce more than 90% of New Zealand’s braille. Both organisations have been producing braille for many years. Both organisations demonstrate their commitment to uphold the principles set out in Part Two of Policy 7 for the accreditation of individual braille producers.

To contact the Blind Foundation about having material produced in braille email or phone 0800 243 333.

BLENNZ produces braille as part of its role to support learners who are blind, deafblind or have low vision from birth to the end of compulsory education including those who attend early childhood centres, primary, secondary and special schools throughout New Zealand. BLENNZ does not offer a braille production service to the public.

Accredited Individual Braille Producers

A prerequisite for accreditation is the candidate must be the holder of the Trans-Tasman Certificate in UEB or equivalent qualification as determined by BANZAT.

To become accredited as an Individual Braille Producer, a candidate must submit a sample of work that demonstrates several criteria as described in Policy 7 Accreditation of Braille Producers Working in New Zealand. If the sample of work satisfies the criteria, accreditation is awarded by BANZAT. Accredited producers must uphold ethical standards and honour a feedback process which are also described in Policy 7.

Each year between early April and the end of June, we call for applications from individuals interested in becoming an accredited producer. At this time, you can download and complete the application form. Please email the Secretary of BANZAT if you need more information, email

The following are accredited individual braille producers who you can contact if you have material you want produced in braille: