Invitation to sit the 2021 Trans-Tasman Certificate of Proficiency in Unified English Braille

Closing Date: Monday 30 August 2021

Attention braille learners and professionals:

You are warmly invited to apply to sit the Trans-Tasman Certificate of Proficiency in Unified English Braille.

Exam Content & Structure

The Certificate in UEB is an open book examination which must be completed without conferring with others.

The examination consists of three parts:

  • Part A: Print to Braille;
  • Part B: Braille to Print;
  • Part C: Proofreading.

Marking Schedule

  • The examination is marked using a demerit system.
  • Demerit points for all three parts are totalled to provide a final grade.
  • The pass mark is 70 (30 demerit points).

Your Results

  • Each candidate receives a report which gives the total of demerit points for each of Part A, B and C.
  • The report also lists the errors the candidate has made.
  • Results summaries will be sent out on Monday 15 November.
  • The errors reports will be sent at the same time to both successful and unsuccessful candidates after the re-sits process has been completed by mid December.

Re-Sits Option

For New Zealand candidates, there is a re-sits option for those who are unsuccessful.

Only one re-sit is offered to each unsuccessful candidate in the current year.

Unsuccessful candidates who take up the re-sits option must apply by 22 November by emailing the Examinations Committee

The same exam paper will be provided for the re-sits option, with a maximum pass mark of 70 (30 demerit points), even if the actual number of demerit points is fewer than 30.

Exam Timetable

  • The examination period runs for two weeks. In 2021 week 1 begins Monday 4 October and Week 2 begins Monday 11 October.
  • Candidates must select one week in which to complete the exam.
  • Examination papers will arrive by the Friday, prior to the candidates’ chosen week. Candidates may begin the examination as soon as the paper arrives. If the package hasn’t arrived, please email the Examinations Committee at or phone 0800 BANZAT (0800 226928) and we will get this sorted quickly.
  • Week 1 examination papers must be returned to the Examinations Committee by Tuesday 12 October, and Week 2 papers must be returned to the Examinations Committee by Tuesday 19 October.


Practice papers are available on the BANZAT website at The New Zealand edition of the UEB Manual is also available on the website at

Contact Information

For further information or any queries please do not hesitate to contact the examinations Committee, email or phone 0800 BANZAT (0800 226928)

All the details about the Certificate are on the BANZAT website at

Here’s the link to the 2021 online application form: