Music Exams

Braille music in New Zealand continues to grow in popularity. Students are taking music theory examinations in increasing numbers.

BANZAT has been pleased to sponsor Guidelines for the Preparation and Administration of Braille Music Examinations. These guidelines were developed after thorough consultation with everyone involved in the production, teaching and use of braille music in New Zealand. International examination guidelines were also checked including the Round Table Guidelines on Accessible Assessment (2011).

Signage Guidelines

The Accessible Signage Guidelines recommends best practice for design of signage which is usable by blind and low vision people, including those who are deafblind. They were prepared by the Blind Foundation in 2010 and are endorsed by BANZAT and organisations of blind consumers. A print-ready PDF of this document contains diagrams and photographs, which will aid the signage industry and general public in understanding the technical aspects of the material. The correct treatment of macrons in Te Reo Māori is explained. In 2013 they have been incorporated into the NZ Building Code Section F8 Signage, and form an “acceptable solution” for compliance.

Companies that produce accessible braille and large print signs are listed on the website of the Blind Foundation.